Fairway Legal – Educational and Counseling Program for Low-Income Families

Fairway Legal – Free or reduced-fee legal service for low-income individuals in family matters.

Fairway Legal is birth out of a need for families who cannot afford an attorney. Although the court provides waiver of court fees for those who qualify, not many people know it or use it. Several times, during consultation, clients have noted that they are in this legal mess because they “did not know.”

Despite their request for help from courthouse, attorney general, friends, and even Google, they remain in the dark. The truth is most people don’t know their rights. Parents have a conservatorship decree (custody decree) listing their rights and duties, but very few understand it.

The goal of Fairway Legal is to EDUCATE families through both prevention and cure. We seek to prevent the degradation (break-down) of healthy family culture and communication; at the same time, we want to assist separated families with co-parenting, child support issue, and fairness. Fairway Legal is not a substitute for retaining attorney. As the non-profit arm (charity work) of Aminu Law Firm, our goal is to give back to the community. We want to promote a fair way of regenerating healthy family ties, even in legal matters.

Workshops are available to provide helpful resources on family matters and employment opportunities. We have legal professionals, therapist/counselors, mediators, and financial planners to assist low-income families with their current cases or post-legal issues.

Since third parties such as court clerks, judges, and child support office staff must be neutral, low-income couples may contact us for more information on getting help. To qualify, you have to earn less than poverty level in income or currently receives government subsidy.

We are excited about reaching our community and helping families repair their relationships and resolve legal issues.




Fairway Legal is a trademark and charitable purse of Aminu Law Firm.