Father’s Rights

Houston Family Attorneys – Father’s Rights.

Yes, fathers have rights too.

It is presumed that moms should have custody of the kids. Also, it is presumed that moms should collect child support.

There are certain situations where mom is not capable of caring for the children. There are times when moms should not even have unsupervised access to the children. It is up to dad to protect his rights and the best interest of the children.

If you are dealing with back child support; perhaps, you have not seen your children in months or years because mom denied your access to them. It is time to ask the court to intervene. Since child support and child custody are two separate issues – though related, you do not need to wait to catch up on child support.

It is a good idea to catch up on your child support. However, do not allow this setback to keep you away from your children.

You need an experienced family attorney to defend your right in court. Contact us for a free copy of Know Your Rights – Father’s Edition.

At Aminu Law Firm, we seek to protect a father’s rights and help him to stay connected to his children. Also, we help dads negotiate a monthly payment with the Office of the Texas Attorney General – child support division.