Estate Planning

Family law crosses with estate planning.

Estate planning is about the transfer of your property at death, including creating a will, trust, or power of attorney documents.

When life expires, will your family and loved ones are well-taken care of? Will your assets should be managed and distributed based on your preference and not the state’s?

Why do I need an estate planning attorney?

Each family is as unique as the individuals who make up the family.
A template form, on the other hand, is generalized – not specific. You need a professional advisor, specifically an attorney to assist you with the goals and concerns about your physical/mental capacity (health), assets, and family structure.

A program or get-it-done quick forms cannot provide you the legal advice and ensure the form is accurate. Retaining legal counsel ensures that the passing of your assets outside of your trust or will is handled with care, that Texas’ laws are followed, inform you of possible effects of your wishes, and your personal/family matters remain confidential with your attorney.

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