Rachael Aminu

Houston Family and Civil Litigation Attorneys at law.

“We are dedicated to your legal needs.”

Trusted and Dedicated

Ms. Aminu understands that family law matters can be painful, and at times, frustrating. This is the primary reason you need an attorney whom you can trust and is dedicated to achieving the results you need. Her practice is built on the principle that family matters, but family starts with an individual. Whether your fears are losing your relationship with your child, losing your assets and properties in marital property division, or owing child support, we will evaluate your case and create legal solutions. Each case is different. However, the emotions of fear, pain, anger, and disappointment are real and common.  Our attorneys are experienced in resolving family disputes and civil litigation issues, and we continue to work with individuals and families in achieving best compensation for their injuries and protecting family ties. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

Trained and Credential Mediator

Ms. Aminu obtained her law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law and graduated with honor, Cum Laude. During law school, she served on the Editorial team for TMSL Journal: Gender, Race, and Justice for 2 years. She is trained and credentialed in Mediation, an alternative way of resolving civil and family disputes.

A.A. White Dispute Resolution  | 40 hours Basic Mediation (2014)

A.A. White Dispute Resolution  | Advanced Family Mediation (2015)

Texas Council on Family Violence |  8 hours Family Mediation (2017)

Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (2018)

Ms. Aminu is a member of the Family law section of the Texas State Bar and the Houston Young Lawyer Association.

Legal Solutions for Texas Families

We provide legal solutions for Texas families in Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, and surrounding area. With the influence of her Christian faith, Ms. Aminu assists clients in finalizing their divorce, filing restraining order and protective order for victims of domestic abuse or family violence, and making the process smoother.

Fairway Legal

Fairway Legal is the non-profit arm of our law office. As a way of giving back, the purpose of Fairway Legal is to educate low-income individuals and families on their rights and parental duties. Unfortunately, many low-income families are entangled in legal messes because they just don’t know. So, we have created a program that provides free workshops, guidance, and referrals to pro-bono attorneys for families who cannot afford them. It is the fair way to fight for our families.

Other Areas

Why do you have Auto Fraud and Auto Injuries on your website? “The focus of my practice is on Family law. However, every week, I get calls regarding personal injury cases. The callers desperately need answers on auto fraud, auto injuries, and property damages. Given that I have successfully handled such cases at the start of my legal career, I continue to help people. When a personal injury case requires an expert, I do not hesitate to refer my clients to certified personal injury attorneys. Although I receive a percentage of the certified specialist legal fee,  my involvement in the case costs nothing to the injured individual. I remain on the case until the end, except in limited circumstances where my service is no longer needed.”

Also, I coach clients on how to represent themselves effectively in court (pro-se). During a scheduled consultation, I review their paperwork and court documents; in addition, I advise them of their rights and the rules of the specific court. At Aminu Law Firm, our attorneys provide you with the tools you need to effectively present you case before the judge.

Aminu Law firm is built on the principles of zealous advocacy, problem-solving, integrity, and improving lives. Truly, we are #HoustonLawyersWhoCare. Therefore, whether we are in the courtroom or in the mediation room, we are dedicated to your legal needs. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.